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Business Ethics Governance & Risk
Internal Assignment Applicable for September 2018 Examination
1. One of the most prevalent forms of information gathering in the workplace is monitoring employees’ work and technology which has afforded employers enormous abilities to do so efficiently. Whether it is email monitoring, internet use monitoring, random telephone call monitoring or CCTV. Globally an astonishing 50 % of large companies (those with 20,000 or more workers) actually have people on staff to read the contents of outgoing emails, much of it on an occasional/ random basis. The most prevalent subject of monitoring though is ‘internet use’; nearly 76% companies do so. Most of them notify their workers about it, many also have an internet access policy typically prohibiting employees’ access to pornography, online chat forums, gaming, investing or shopping at work. What according to you are the 5 key reasons for the firms to monitor employee’s technology usage? Is business being responsible at workplace if it does so? Give reasons for your answer. (10 Marks)

2. Advertising is part of doing business, and not all advertising is deceptive or harmful to consumers. The criticism, both for and against advertising raises awareness that provides information to both companies and consumers in their production and consumption of information and transactions. Briefly explain any three arguments in favour of advertising and any three against advertising. (10 Marks)

3. Foods, plants or crops which have been altered genetically with an intention of enhancing the nutritional content of foods are known as genetically modified foods. The genetic alteration is meant to translate the existing food into a product with a lower price but with greater benefits, yet it is not without environmental and ethical concerns and dilemmas.

a. What according to you are the four main benefits to the producer/consumer of genetically modified food crop, elaborate?

b. As a member of agriculture policy task force you have been assigned the responsibility of researching and identifying long term risk of genetically modified food crop. What would be your four identified environmental and/or ethical risks? Elaborate.

Email ID:
NEHA- 9873368830(WHATSAPP)

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